Viqarunnesa Noon School & College admission 2012

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Ramna Morning Shift – General

Ramna- Morning Shift -Sister

Ramna-Day Shift -General

Ramna-Day Shift-Sister

Ramna-Morning Shift -English -General

Ramna-Morning Shift -English -Sister

Dhanmondi Day Shift- General

Dhanmondi- Day Shift -Sister

Dhanmondi- Morning Shift -General

Dhanmondi-Morning Shift -Sister

Bashumdhara-Day Shift- Sister

Bashumdhara-Morning Shift- Sister

Bashundhara -Day shift- General

Bashundhara- Morning Shift- General

Azimpur – Day Shift – Colony

Azimpur- Day Shift – General

Azimpur- Day Shift- Sister

Azimpur- Morning Shift – Colony

Azimpur- Morning Shift – General

Azimpur- Morning Shift – Sister


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