Google Glasses: Augmented Reality or Dystopian Horror?

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Google is expected to start selling glasses by the end of the year. No, they are not foraying into optometry, but rather finding a new way to stream the contents of your smartphone straight at your eyeballs.  The glasses, which reportedly resemble a pair of Oakley Thumps, will run on Android and be equipped with 3G, 4G, GPS and a low-resolution camera. Other Google technologies like Google Latitudes and Maps could superimpose information to augment your reality—say, tell you what’s nearby, or what your friends think of that restaurant.

The glasses could supply ease with navigating the virtual and physical world. Perhaps one day you could take a picture and tweet it without so much as reaching into your pocket, or even live stream an event simply by looking at it. It certainly could supplement your social world, especially with location-based services that could tell you to grab coffee with a certain friend if he or she is nearby, complete with café recommendations. Is that a fair trade for potentially looking like an extra in a zombie movie or getting ads superimposed on reality?



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