Top free health apps for android devices in Bangladesh

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Proesh_Health_Service Proesh_Health_Service-Health service

Health service is a very basic application for Bangladeshi people. You can get information about causes, symptom and how to prevent those diseases. Also you get nearest hospital contact information from this application.

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Poresh_Hospital Finder Proesh_Hospital Finder-Hospital Finder

Hospital Finder will show the nearest hospital information with contact details which you search on the application. When someone search contact to hospital here will show details of the hospital information.

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Poresh_Breast Screening Poresh_Breast Screening-Breast Screening

Nowadays breast tumor and cancer are very common problem of married or unmarried women. Due to shame women are not willing to share problem with other. Here is the perfect solution of those women. Just install this application on your mobile phone get video or textual instruction for screening you breast to be confirm about any problem.

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Poresh_Mobile Health Service Poresh_Mobile Health Service-Mobile health service

This application provides to upazilla health complex with different district in Bangladesh. You can select a particular health complex address and contact number.

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Poresh_Green Life Poresh_Green Life-Green Life

How can maintain the nutrition values of your daily meal to lead healthy life? How could I get free from any mental stress? To get those answers with effective suggestions use this app.

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Poresh_Move Your Body Poresh_Move Your Body-Move Your Body

After working long hours sitting in the office, lots of physical setbacks can be anticipated. This app will provide the directory of work out with videos that’s appropriate to alleviate these types of physical setbacks.

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Proesh_Family Planning Proesh_Family Planning-Family Planning

Teen ager will get information about health related issues such as: HIV aids, food catalog for Teen ager, sexual harassment and related laws, address and contact details of the organization from where they can get help relevant to the mentioned issues. Some numbers will be provide to consult immediately in anytime from anywhere on any mentioned issues.

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Poresh_Hashpatal Poresh_Hashpatal-Hashpatal

This app is very important for general people to find nearest Haspatal (Hospital) in the country.

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Poresh_Care Satisfaction Poresh_Care Satisfaction-Care Satisfaction

This apps also find and care for primary health of general peoples.

Get the following facilities:

– Search nearest hospital by name or respect to your present position

– Hospital rating based on services provided

– Service available in hospital

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