Step by step configuration SAMBA in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?

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Step 1: Setup network card with IP address Exmple:

Step 2: Install samba from resource directory, Example: #yum install samba* -y

Step 3: There will be showed the installation process before complete the install. When complete the installation a message will show for version of samba, Example: samba-winbind.i686 0:3.5.4-68.el6

Step 4: Go to the command line for configuration of SAMBA # vim /etc/samba/smb.conf (You have shown confirmation files)

Step 5: Find the global setting from samba configuration files or go to line 57 in the configuration page.

Step 6: Change the settings for hosts allow (line 80), copy & past the line and edit IP address which IP you want configure, Example: hosts allow = 127. 9.

Step 7: Find stuff group and enable lines from [public]………..


Example conf.                                                   Change conf.

[public]                                                                 [poreshblog]

Comment = Public Stuff                                                comment = My Stuff

Path = /home/samba                                     path = / poreshblog

Public = yes                                                        public = yes

Writable = yes                                                   writable = yes

Printable = yes                                                  printable = no

Write list = +staff                                             valid users = poresh

browseable = yes

You have save the file after configuration.

Step 8: Create a directory example: #mkdir /poreshblog

Step 9: Change permission the file, example: #chmod 1777 /poreshblog/

Step 10: Restart the SAMBA service, example: # service smb restart

Step 11: Make sure on the service, example: # chkconfig smb on

Step 12: Go to the configuration file, example: # vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Step 13: Find the file permission label in configuration file lists, example: chcon –t samba share t /path , copy this chcon –t samba share t /path and exit the editor.

Step 14: In the command line past the line and enter for execute, Example: # this chcon –t samba share t /poreshblog

Step 15: Add a user in the system, Example: # useradd –s /sbin/nologin por

Step 16: Create a smb password for this user, Example: # smbpasswd –a por

New smb password: 1253

Retype new smb password: 1253 [Here shown a message: Added user por]

Step 17: Enable the user, Example: smbpass –e por [Here shown a message: Enabled user por]

Step 18: See user to smb client list, Example: #smbclient –L –U por

Step 19: If you are graphic view go to manu bar and click Places then Connect to Server.

Prompt a new window with some information that you have to change two things.

Service type: Windows share


Click on Connect button; show a new window with share folder.

Step 20: Required user name and password for new another window; Put your user name: por and password: 1253 and click Connect button.

Finally complete the steps and work done the configuration of SAMBA!!!

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