IT Manager job advertisement for Aga Khan Education Service, Bangladesh

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aga-khan-education-services-DhakaWe are looking to recruit an IT Manager to lead our Team of outstanding IT professionals:


  • Good English Language Skills
  • At least five years previous experience in programming and developing software
  • A Masters’ Degree in Computer Science

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Step by step configuration SAMBA in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?

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Step 1: Setup network card with IP address Exmple:

Step 2: Install samba from resource directory, Example: #yum install samba* -y

Step 3: There will be showed the installation process before complete the install. When complete the installation a message will show for version of samba, Example: samba-winbind.i686 0:3.5.4-68.el6

Step 4: Go to the command line for configuration of SAMBA # vim /etc/samba/smb.conf (You have shown confirmation files)

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Asst. Upazila/Thana Education officer ATEO job advertisement-2015

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bpsc bcs resultGovernment job advertisement for Asst. Upazila/Thana Education officer (ATEO) under Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). Read the rest of this entry »

How to configure an IP ACL on Cisco switch?

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Poresh-Cisco-SwitchYou can create an IPv4 ACL on the switch and add rules to it.

To configure an IP ACL below steps;

Creating an IP ACL

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Bangladesh Education board result

Posted on of Education have a common platform for all academic exam result of SSC, HSC, Alim, Dakhil, JSC, JDC, Vocational, Diploma in Commerce and Business studies.   Search education board exam of Bangladesh in the following website.

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How to turn on/off the narrator in Windows 7

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Proesh_Turn on-off NarratorThis is one of the most drastic methods to turn on and off the narrator in windows 7 operating system.

You can turn/off narrator with these step by step process:

Step 1: Click on the Start button and in the Start Search box type: Ease of Access Center. Read the rest of this entry »

ICT for Education plans for 2014

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ICT for Education is planning ahead for 2014 with a national conference programme that will visit nine regions and kick off in Maidstone in March. The Maidstone event will be followed by conferences in Leeds, Norwich, Brighton and Torquay before the summer break, and by conferences in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff after the break.
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